Foals, # 12, 13, 14 and 15, May 2012

I was just getting ready to leave for the Pryors last week when I heard that these foals were born. I saw 3 of the 4 and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area sent me a photo of the one I did not see.  Thank you so much!

So here they are!  My next post will be a collection of foal photos that I took while I was there a few days ago.  I hope to have that posted for you in the next few days!

# 12  Is Brumby and Jackson’s foal.  Brumby is the 2001 daughter of Tonapah and Looking Glass.  Jackson is the 1998 son of Broken Bow and Two Boots.  I was not able to get close to this band this time.  But I thought it was pretty neat to be able to see the whole band with all three new foals.  You can click on the image to get a closer look.  Brumby is the grulla on the left side.

Most of Jackson band with 3 new foals, May 19, 2012

# 13 is July and Duke’s colt.  July is the 2009 daughter of Duke and Madonna.  Duke is the 1996 son of Flicka and Bigfoot.

July and her colt, May 20, 2012
July and her new colt, May 20, 2012
July and colt, May 20, 2012
Part of Duke’s band, May 20, 2012

# 14 is Demure and Santa Fe’s colt.  Demure is the 2003 daughter of Broken Bow and Two Boots.  Santa Fe is the 1995 son of Twilla and Two Boots.  Demure is in Doc’s band now, but was with Santa Fe until sometime this winter.

Demure and her colt, May 20, 2012
Demure’s foal and Jenny, May 20, 2012
Demure and her colt, May 20, 2012
Doc and his new band, May 20, 2012

# 15 is Sapo (Cedar) and Bolder’s foal.  Sapo is the 1998 daughter of Grumpy and Raven.  Bolder is the 2001 son of Pococeno and Cloud.  I was not able to see them while I was there.  This is the photo that the Bighorn Canyon took!

Sapo (Cedar) and foal. Photo by NPS. May 2012

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  • The foals are so cute! I’ve really realized what a beautiful mare Demure is recently. Her colt is adorable as well, he really looks like two boots. On the note about pregnant mares I was wondering about Ingrid. I know she looked really thin this winter and Matt had said that could have been from nursing her first foal through winter as a young mother and her possibly be pregnant as well. She seems to have put on wieght from the pictures but I can’t tell if she looks pregnant. Were you able to tell seeing her in person? I hope if she is the spring grass puts some weight on her quickly so nursing a foal doesnt take more out of her. I know these horses are tough, but I still worry 🙂

    • Hi Sarah, Ingrid looked quite a bit better than when I saw her a month ago. I will be posting a photo of her soon. My guess is she is not pregnant, but I could be wrong.

  • I assume since you saw July, that you saw Madonna. Did she look pregnant to you?
    I am sure you have your blogs coming and most of the questions I (and others) have will be answered without even asking, as you always do a thorough job of letting us know what you saw. I look forward to reading the updates.

  • So, Duke is the father of July’s foal?

    Cedar’s foals are always adorable by the way! I wonder why she is named ‘Sapo’ which means ‘toad’?

  • Great stuff. I don’t mean to be rude but I was wondering what got you interested in following the lives of these wonderful creatures – I mean idea of something like : Are they endangered,is this a protected area for these horses, are you trying to raise awareness of how important it is to try to preserve the lives of wildlife and wild horses in general….??? I think it is fascinating what you do but often wonder why you are doing it , what keeps you going, what you hope to accomplish and how others can help your cause – if a cause you have , that is. Maybe it is just something that interests you deeply which is great. Just wondering???

  • Great stuff. I so like watching your photographs because I think that horses are just one of the most wonderful creatures created. All creatures are wonderful but the horse just warms my heart.
    I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I was just wondering how you got interesting in following the lives of the particular herd?? Maybe for you too horses possess a certain level of fascination for you or do you feel it is important to champion their cause – maybe their habitat in danger, they in danger, the species in danger???Just wondering?? In any case, whatever the reason I hope you never stop!!!

  • Great Photos and updates Sandy!
    I look forward to reading and seeing your photos too!
    Although, I try to get out there to the range when i can, it is not as
    often as I would like, as I am at the Center most of the time.
    We have had visitors already from all over the US and other
    countries. It is interesting to talk to them and find out where they have heard about the Pryor
    Wild Horses. It is a great feeling to be able to send some of them out to the range to view
    these special horses, and also to educate them as to the facts of this very unhique herd and the
    place where they live.
    Thank you Sandy for all of your time that you spend to keep everyone up to
    date on this Pryor Herd!
    We all appreciate it!

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