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  • Hello I’m
    New to the Pryor mustangs and am trying
    To learn more about them. I was wondering if anyone could please tell me what happened to Clouds mare Sitka and what happened to Cabaret and his band? I know they died I was just wondering how/when

    • Hi Shi!

      Welcome to my blog! Sitka died in 2006. I believe she just disappeared.

      Cabaret and his entire band ( I found some of their remains) all died up at the top of the mountain during the winter of 2010-2011. The fall of 2010 was when they built the long fence on the border of the range between the BLM land and the Forest Service land (Custer National Forest). Cabaret and his band used to live in the Forest Service land. Of course without being there, we will never know how they died, but I think that they were confused by the new situation and did not know where to go during the harsh winter months. They died by the fence because they were most likely trying to get back to the only winter place that they knew (which was on the now non accessible Custer National Forest).

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