Mountain Update, Foal # 8, May 11, 2012

Foal number 8 has arrived!  This from the Bighorn Canyon Facebook page:

A Friday foal! Gabrielle is the mother, and Cappuccino is the harem stallion…This special young horse is part of the Pryor Mountain Wild horses, a herd derived from the horses of Portugal and Spain. It has been present here for nearly 200 years. For more information, please visit

— at Wyoming. Photo by Bill Pickett.
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Gabrielle and Cappuccino’s new foal. Photo by Bill Pickett

Gabrielle is the 2006 daughter of Brumby and Jackson.  Cappuccino is the  2002 son of  Rosarita and Starbuck.

Gabrielle, April, 2012
Cappuccino, July 2011


4 thoughts on “Mountain Update, Foal # 8, May 11, 2012

  • I think Gabrielle is gorgeous, and Cappucino is another one of those superbly marked, sturdy built stallions. That foal has some special blood. By the way, have you heard anyone mention seeing Starbuck lately? Last time I saw or heard anything of him was when I saw him in ’09 out in the red dirt hills all by himself. His ear had been injured and he was looking pretty forlorn.

    • Hi Linda, I believe that Starbuck is listed as missing now. I do not believe that anyone has seen him. Matt however has confirmed that the Half Moons foal that I found is a colt. I have chosen the name Missoula for him. 🙂

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