Mountain Update: Foal # 7, May 8, 2012!

This from Bighorn National Recreation Area Facebook page:  Click here to view that page.
A colt is born! Mama Feldspar & the Harem stallion Cloud have produced this 2012 beauty… — at Wyoming. Photo by Ryan Felkins.
Feldspar is the 2005 daughter of Starman and Roserita.  Cloud is the 1995 son of Phoenix and Raven.
Cloud, October, 2011
Cloud, April, 2012
Feldspar, April, 2012
Feldspar, July, 2012

7 thoughts on “Mountain Update: Foal # 7, May 8, 2012!

  • What a cute baby!!! Of course two flashy parents such as Feldspar and Cloud would have such an adorable baby 🙂 And as a colt that makes him Cloud’s first biological son in quite a few years. I can’t wait to see more pictures of this one! And am excited for the announcement of the names of the other 6! Please let us know when you get more info about all the babies!

      • I look forward to your update! Thank you for letting all of us in on your experiences with this special herd, it is greatly appreciated!

    • You know, Cloud actually has a blaze as well. It is just hard to see because of his color! 🙂
      I just posted a better photo of him for you to see!

      • That’s true. but his is narrow and does not cover his nostrils… BTW, have you seen Shawn’s latest pic of Starman? He does not look good.

      • I know, I did see them. 🙁 I just love Starman. I have not seen him since last July. I hope that I see him when I go next week. I hope now that it is spring he will start to do better.

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