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Mountain Update, Foal #6, May 3, 2012

Montana and his mom Fresia. Photo taken by PMWMC board member Diane Granger.

Foal number six was discovered just a couple days ago.  Born to the mare Fresia, 2005 (Buffalo Girl and Durango) and the stallion Merlin, 1997 (Wounded Knee and  Lancelot).  This is the second foal in Merlin’s band, but his third foal born this year. Click on Jewel to see that foal.

You can read about this beautiful grullo colt, named Montana, by clicking here.  Thank you Lori Graham ( PMWMC ) for giving us this news!

Thank you Diane Granger for the use of you photos!

Montana. Photo taken by PMWMC board member: Diane Granger

13 Responses to “Mountain Update, Foal #6, May 3, 2012”

  1. Joy

    Thanks Sandy! and Lori 🙂 Did you see the report from Ginger K. that Half Moon also has a new foal?

  2. Linda Dombeck

    Cool! Now there’s Montana and Morgana. Just think of the fun they’ll be having!
    Hope I can get out to see them in June…

  3. Clarissa

    Do Jewel’s, Hera’s, Galena’s, and Half Moon’s foals have names yet?

      • Clarissa

        Wow! That is soooo cool that you got to name her! Can’t wait to hear about it! 🙂

  4. Sarah Griffin

    This little colt is stunning! He already has such distinctive shoulder bars and leg stripes. Ill be looking forward to seeing more pictures of him and the other 2012 foals, I’m excited everytime theres a new one! Do you know if the others have been named yet? I know the first filly has been named Morgana and Ginger was talking about calling Half Moon and Diamond’s filly Moonstone. Have you heard anything about the rest?

    • wildinthepryors

      I have not heard what the others are. I do know what Half Moon’s foal is named, and it is not Moonstone. (I got to name her foal because I was the first to see it!) 🙂 I am just waiting for Matt to make the announcement and then I can say.

      • Sarah Griffin

        Hopefully he’ll post something soon, I’ve been checking everyday. And hopefully some more photos too 🙂

  5. Jeannie

    Hi Sandy~
    This little one is so precious as they all are, thanks for sharing.


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