Mountain Update: Foal # 5, April 27, 2012

Posted on the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area Facebook page this morning:

Who said only bad things came in 3’s? Biologist Bill Pickett’s 3rd foal this week! The Black mare mama is named Galena and is part of Jackson’s harem, near the Burnt Timber Road.

Tomorrow ends National Park Week – entrance fees waived until then!

Galena and her new foal! Photo by Bill Pickett!

Bill Pickett took the beautiful photo!  I would like Bill’s job!  🙂

This foal was born to Galena (Mariah, 2006 (Blanca) and Lakota) and the stallion Jackson, 1998 (Broken Bow and Two Boots).

Jackson, October, 2011
Galena, October 2011

8 thoughts on “Mountain Update: Foal # 5, April 27, 2012

  1. Has it been announced that it is a female? Guess I missed that. That picture had to be very soon after birth. I love those long legs and that proud stance. Bet it’ll keep Galena busy with its antics! : ) I’ll bet the whole family is proud.

      1. I’m sure he will soon, but probably plans to do quite a few at one time so we’ll have to be patient…

  2. I still just love that pic of Jackson! Notice the slight curl to his nostril. I love their expressions.

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