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Mountain Update: Third Foal, April 25, 2012

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area had this posted on their Facebook page last night:

Another beautiful Mustang foal! Park staff came across this new foal yesterday on Sykes Ridge. The mother’s name is Jewel, who spent the majority of last summer in the park with a stallion named Merlin. This year she has been with the stallion called Hidalgo, who also spent last summer in the park around mustang flats… — at Wyoming. Photo by Bill Pickett.

New foal with mom Jewel. Photo by Bill Pickett

Click here to go to that page: HERE

The mother of the foal is Jewel (Waif and Corona) and the father is Merlin (Wounded Knee and Lancelot).  This is Merlin’s second foal this year.  The first one is Morgana, born last month.  You can read about her here: Morgana.

6 Responses to “Mountain Update: Third Foal, April 25, 2012”

  1. Linda Dombeck

    Another Pryor beauty! And I had heard that Hidalgo had gotten himself a mare and was wondering which one. I have pics of when Jewel was with Merlin. She is also a beauty. Thanks for the info. Love the pic.Can hardly wait to hear if it’s male or female, and what it’ll be named.

  2. Sarah Griffin

    Since she’s planned to be removed does that mean that they’ll sell them both as a mare and foal pair? I know they did that a few times at the 2009 round up.


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