Mountain Update. Another new Foal!!! (#2), April 15, 2012

I just got back from the Pryors a few minutes ago.  The first update that I am going to give is about the new foal that we found.   He was born to the mare Half Moon(Rosarita and Starman) and the stallion Teton (Diamond)(Isabella and Raven).

My friend Brigitte and I were on our way down Burnt Timber Sunday when we made the discovery.  We were pretty far away, but I took several photos.  Be sure to click on the photo so you can see it full size and then can zoom in closer.  They are a bit blurry, but you can see the foal pretty well.

I contacted Matt right away and let him know.    He looks to be healthy!  I look forward to watching him grow up on the mountain!  What a special discovery.

UPDATE:  MAY 12, 2012  Confirmed.  The foal is a colt and his name will be Missoula!  Thanks Matt!

Half Moon, March, 2012
Teton (Diamond), October 2010
Half Moon and her new foal Missoula, April 21, 2012. Photo taken by Ginger Katherns of The Cloud Foundation.


Thank you Ginger for your photo!

19 thoughts on “Mountain Update. Another new Foal!!! (#2), April 15, 2012

      1. Well, even Matt did not think it was Half Moon, so I don’t feel too bad! 🙂 She just looked too dark to be Half Moon… Kiowa is not with the band anymore. I heard she is with Jackson now. (thanks Matt for telling me that!)

      2. Yes, she is very dark in the photo. As you said, lots happening on the mountain! Hope Matt will have the time to update us more soon. In the meantime, I really appreciate what you share 🙂

  1. Sandy, what magnificent images! The foal looks so frail in that gigantic landscape! It must be VERY new. Gosh, this drives the message home how strong the Wild Pryors are. Many thanks for the update!

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