Mustangs on the Mountain

Alex brought this video to my attention a couple of months ago.  I thought I would share it.   I believe that the PMWMC used to show this at the center.   I thought it was pretty good and worth watching.  I especially liked the interviews with Reverend Floyd Schwieger.  I would have loved to have spent some time with him, not only on the mountain, but just sitting and listening to all he knew about the horses.

I am heading off to the Pryors in a few days, I will be sure to let you know what I see.


3 thoughts on “Mustangs on the Mountain

  • Tha tIS one of the educational CDs they have (not for sale), but for educational use. It’s one of the two I used for my presentation in Feb., along with printed materials from the Center and my own pics. Those in attendance really enjoyed seeing them and many commented to me that they never realized what was out there. I think it’s GREAT that you’ve posted it on here!

    Happy trails on your next visit to the Range. I’ll be with you in spirit.

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