Wild Caballo

For those of you that don’t know, I also film the Pryor Horses and have made several videos of them.  Many are on my YouTube Channel. The last one that I did was called Wild Caballo.  I was contacted by Canadian singer/song writer Sharon Anderson.  Sharon had written a song along with Randy Nagel, about the Pryor Horses and wanted it put to the song to some footage of the horses.  Lori Graham fom the PMWMC in Lovell had given her my name.  Sharon, along with Randy Nagel and Chas Williams composed a beautiful song.  After I heard it I was eager to put it to my footage.  I have to be inspired by the music to be able to produce a video, and this song inspired me.  I felt I was able to match the footage with the song perfectly.   It went together really well.  I was really excited as I looked through my past footage.  I had found several shots of Cabaret and his band. ( read my posts My First Trip to the Mountain and Moving On (click on title!)  It was especially meaningful for me to put this special footage to this song.  In fact in addition to Cabaret and his band, there are other shots of other horses that had died that past winter.  It was my tribute to them.

I decided to enter our video in the International Wildlife Film Festival under the Music Video Category.   I learned a few weeks ago that out of over 300 entries Wild Caballo advanced on to the finals with 89 other entries!  Last night I learned (thanks Randy!!)  that Wild Caballo was selected as an Official Selection and was also given a Merit Award.  Wild Caballo will be screened at this festival in May.  This is very exciting, not only for Sharon, Randy, Chas and myself, but for the wild horses.  Because of this, hopefully many more people will learn about not only the Pryor Horses, but also all wild horses.  Here is a link to the award winners:  AWARD WINNERS.

So enjoy Wild Caballo.  I suggest you watch it full screen to get the most from it!  Pass it on and share the story!


Duchess and Cabaret, October, 2010

5 thoughts on “Wild Caballo

  • Congratulations, Sandy, on well-deserved recognition. Your videos are well done and such great ambassadors for the range. Would you ever consider doing one without music? To hear the sounds of the wind and hoofbeats on the ground, horses nickering, whinnying and even stallions screaming would really bring us there…

    Thanks again for all you have shared.

  • What wonderful moments that you’ve captured here in film. They really are nicely built horses and you can see their natural advanced dressage movements in some of what they do. Their playful nature reminds me of my boy who forgets that he is no longer a stallion.

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