First Foal of the year!

Icara with her new foal Mercuria. Photo by Lori Graham of PMWMC.

Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area was the first to post a photo of this filly.  Below is the link to their Facebook page.

Big Horn Canyon Facebook page.

She is born to the mare Icara and is in Merlin’s band.  Merlin is the father.  They are a Dryhead band.

Remember, Merlin is the father of my filly, Valerosa ( read the post Fiero for more information on that).  So Valerosa has a new half-sister.!

Below is a post from the BCNRA on the name of this filly:

“Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area This filly (female) is 201201, the first foal of 2012. This year all foals
get names starting with M. She will be called Mercuria. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and this line has lots of names that reference the sun. Her mother is Icara (a female form of Icarus), her mother’s half- sister is Halo of the Sun, and Corona is the band stallion who may be this filly’s grandfather.”

Matt, from PMWMC, post is rebloged here,there are some really great photos.  Just look to the right and click on the “March 20, 2012-New Foal” link or click on this link: Matt’s Blog.

If I receive any more news on this or other foals born, I will be sure to let you know!

Thank you Lori Graham for the use of your photos!

UPDATE:  It was decided her name would be Morgana, not Mercuria.  Welcome little Morgana, can’t wait to see you!


Merlin and his band easing down the road. Photo by Lori Graham of PMWMC.

16 thoughts on “First Foal of the year!

  • So sweet, so when I get there in May, they babies will be running all over the place with any luck, I am so so happy I found your blog, I can’t tell you that enough

  • I just love this beautiful little filly—Mercuria! I think it’s so cool that she has her daddy’s big blaze and white on the same hind leg. Couldn’t tell from pics if she has any white on the other one, but from Matt’s pics, you can definitely see that left hind stocking that’s almost a “knee high”! Wonder if she’ll stay black like her equally beautiful momma, or grullo out later… THANKS to all who keep us informed!

      • In the last photo from Lori, Jewel is possibly on Merlin’s left… ? On her left would be Kaelia, then far left Fresia w/Halo in front… what do you think? Great photo, Lori!

      • Hi Joy,

        I believe the back line is Merlin, Kaelia, Halo, Fresia, Icara and Mercuria. I am not sure who that is in the very front. Maybe Alex will jump in here and help us out. Jewel has a right hind sock. The horse next to Merlin has 2 hind socks, which means that is Kaelia.

      • Well Well!!!! hahaha those to horses in front are the bachelors Jialisco and The grulla is probably Hidasta !! 🙂 Jewel is the same color as Icara,
        and yes she does have a right hind sock and has the same facial marking as her father Corona.

      • As you can see, Merlin is at the front of the band when he should be in the back… he reason for this is that there is a threat in the front ( the bachelors)

      • Wow, I forgot about the bachelors in Lori’s comment — it all makes sense now! Thanks Alex. I knew Jewel’s coloring and facial marking, but not the sock. So, we are still looking for her — hopefully someone will spot her this weekend.

    • It is great!! I really Like this little filly I think she has something of both her mama and dad!! BTW Icara Is not black , she is actually a Black bay… 🙂

      • Icara is certainly a beautiful black bay, and her “bay” does show up when her coat is smooth in summer. Anyway, I’m going to be interested to see if Mercuria takes after her sire with grullo. The transformations in color with some of the horses is really fascinating.

      • Yes her “Bay” does come out in summer. I wouldn’t really count on drastic colour changes in Mercuria’s case…. she will likely stay black. She got the black from her father, and her mother restricted the dun gene , so she came out black 🙂

  • She is beautiful! I saw here too, and there is no other white on her..just the left hind white stocking and the big blaze.
    Linda, your favorite Jalisco and two other bachelors, Jemez and Johnston came up to see what was going on…”the new foal”, well Merlin was having none of that and he chased them off. It was fun to watch, and I was on the road watching all of this. I thought of you and how you would have loved that bit of action.
    I went out yesterday, but did not see Merlin or his harem. I am sure he took them to a safe place. Monday, after he chased the bachelors away, he moved his harem. That little Mercuria went right along with them…down the road to another safe place.
    I will be checking on them again…maybe today!

    • Thanks Lori, and you’re right—I would have loved seeing “the boys” trying to get a peek at the new arrival and “large and in-charge” Merlin “taking care of business”. Is Jemez running with bachelors regularly now that there’s been a change in his family? If so, I’ll bet Kokopelli misses playing with him. I’m glad Jalisco has buddies, as I know he was getting frustrated with Hidalgo going off and leaving him all the time, trying to get his own family. I sure do envy you getting to see that little beauty, Mercuria, in person, and truly love that we have these internet connections to stay in touch thru all you guys’ pics and experiences!

      • Yes..Linda! I am truly blessed to be able to see the new “Mercuria”.
        I am going out Sunday to spend the day. I have not seen Hidalgo or Kokopelli..or Strawberry. .but some of the horses are now being seen more out on the Dry Head. Spring has arrived. Maybe Fiero will get them back? Interesting!
        I believe that Jemez is running with the bachelor boys as he has been seen with them quite often.
        I will let you know how things are this weekend.

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