It always amazing me how certain horses always seem to find me.  The first time I visited the Dryhead I saw 30 horses.  Since then I have not seen that many.  I guess I don’t spend enough time there, but I do drive the area very slowly scanning the landscape.  Maybe I don’t know where to find them.  But I do try.

The Dryhead. The top of that mountain is what I call "The Mountain Top" That is where I camp in the summer. July, 2011
The Dryhead looking the opposite direction. September, 2011
The canyon that runs through the Dryhead.

The Dryhead has a paved road going through the horse range.  For many people, that is the way they see the Pryor Horses.  You do not need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to see horses here.  There are approximately 40 horses that call the Dryhead home year around.

My Pryor Horse Valerosa is from the Dryhead.  She still has her father, mother and two full brothers living free in the area(Sacajawea, Merlin, Fiero and Hidasta).  So I always try to see them.

Valerosa. It is really hard to get a great photo of her anymore. She wants to come right up to me and inspect the camera! March, 2012

One of those horses that always seems to find me is her full brother Fiero.  On my last trip there (earlier this month), Fiero found me.  He was the only horse I would see in the Dryhead this time.  We drove through one other time, not seeing a single horse.

Last September when I last saw Fiero he had a band of 4 including himself.  Fiero will be 7 this year.  His band last summer consisted of Strawberry, Kokopelli and Jemez.

Fiero and his band, September, 2012. This is why everyone MUST drive slowly through here!!!
Fiero and his band, September, 2011.
Fiero and his band, September, 2011
Fiero, September, 2011
Fiero, September, 2011. Look at those stripes!

This time when I saw him he was alone.  I had heard he had lost his band.  I have not heard where they are or who they are with.    Fiero is a young enough stallion that I am sure he will have another band soon.  It will be interesting to see who that will be.

Fiero, March, 2012.

One of the things that I noticed about him was that he did not have as thick of a winter coat as some of the horses I had seen on Burnt Timber.  (See my post Mountain Update, Burnt Timber, Day One.)  Even though it is not that far away, the climate in the area can be very different.  It stays warmer in the Dryhead, more desert like, and so the horses do not need as thick a coat.

I enjoyed spending some time with him.  He was grazing quietly and enjoy the protection away from the wind, that the small hill provided him.

Fiero, March 2012
Fiero, March 2012
Fiero, March 2012

He seemed unconcerned that I was standing up the hill watching him.  I wonder why you always find me, I thought.   I was glad he did though, it is always nice seeing him.

Fiero, March, 2012

See you next time Fiero.  Until then work on getting another band.  I would like to suggest that he looks for the beautiful grulla mare Jenny.  She is the daughter of Brumby and Jackson.  She will be three this year.  She lives on the mountain top in the summer, but in the winter she is down much lower.  Alex thinks that he should consider July, three-year old daughter of Madonna and Duke.  July also lives on top of the mountain in the summer.

So Fiero, you still have a few months to look for these mares before they move up high.  It will be interesting to see who he has with him when I return.

Jenny in the early morning light, July 2011
July, August, 2011.

14 thoughts on “Fiero

  • Sandy, I’m getting more excited all the time. May can’t get here fast enough. After watching the Cloud films, reading all I can get my hands on and now your blog. I feel as if I know some of the horses. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos

    • Thank you Carolyn. There is very little difference between Fiero and his father Merlin. Their blazes are a little different and Fiero has white on his right hind pastern, his father Merlin has white on his LEFT hind pastern. So at a glance they can be easily confused.

  • Personally, I think it would be great if Fiero or Hidatsa would link up with Kerry. It WILL be interesting to find out who has Strawberry, Kokopelli and Jemez. I think I read that Hidalgo has a family now, and I’m sure it won’t be too long before Hidatsa and Chief Joseph manage something. Chief Joseph is younger, but he’s good sized and had lots of marks indicating either real fighting, or lots of serious practice, when I saw him in Sept.

    Enjoyed the pics of Fiero. He and Merlin ARE so very much alike—coloring and build as well.

    Thanks again.

    • Yes, Kerry is one of only a handful of mares in the Dryhead that will not be PZPed, so there is very little choice for Fiero. That is why I am hoping he makes it over to Turkey Flats and picks up someone from the mountain top before they all move up there again!!

    • Did you get any photos?? I heard that Kemmer was trying to mount Sacajawea this past week (which Seattle put a stop too!!) so the likely hood of her being preg. is probably slim. But you never know!

      • I did get a few I will post soon. Kemmer was mixing it up with Fiero too when Seattle had enough. She looks big enough to be preg. but since she is letting the boys around probably not. Seattle is sticking really close to her.

  • Thank you sandy for the “Sunshine Award” It is so greatly appreciated. I love your site and your love for these beautiful animals. I realize you where just nominated, but I am throwing it back at your direction. I have nominated you again. Maybe not a repost of it all, but at least we can get some traffic to your site. Thank you. ~Franny

  • Hi not sure if anyone can help me but I read once that Mariah (Blanca) and Lakota also had a colt in 2010 that was named Kokopelli, can anyone tell me if this foal also went by another name or what happened to it.

    • Mariah (Blanca) had a colt in 2010 named Kalispell. Kalispell disappeared in the winter of 2010-2011. There is a colt named Kokopelli. He is a Dryhead horse. His parents are Strawberry and Blizzard. If you read my post “lakota” you can read a little bit more about Kalispell and see some photos of him. Thanks! Sandy

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