Welcome to Wild in the Pryors!

Hello and welcome to Wild in the Pryors!   This is blog about the Wild Horses of Pryor Mountain.  The Pryor Mountains are located on the Montana/Wyoming border, south of Billings, Montana.

I know there are a lot of people out there that hunger for more information on the horses and I hope that I can provide that for you.  I travel to the Pryor’s several times a year.  When I am not there I am constantly studying them and trying to learn more about them.

Hope you enjoy the posts!



You can read more about Sandy and the blog by going to the About page or click SANDY to go there now.

All photos are available for purchase.  I take over 1,500 photos each trip.  For more information, please contact me.

For information on Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Tours or photos you can contact Sandy at: 406-244-0015 or email her at: wildinthepryors@aol.com

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24 thoughts on “Welcome to Wild in the Pryors!

  1. Hi Sandy,

    We have never met but I have visited the Range during the past several summers with Lynne Pomeranz. I now have a book contract (University of NV Press) focusing on the relationship between local area residents and the Pryor Mountain Mustangs. I would love to visit with you as part of that book project if you are willing. You can reach me at the email address below. I will be there from June 4th through end of July. Your blog is fabulous!

  2. Hello Sandy,

    Thank you for your update and the beautiful pictures of the horses on the mountain top. I felt in love with theses wild horses and the mountains. Your blog is great.


  3. Being mostly Native American these horses have a special place in my heart. Yhey should be able to run free. I also miss Matt.

  4. Pity I didn’t get chance to visit the Pryors when I went to Montana a couple years ago. Drove right on by, but we were on a harried schedule that had fallen victim to car troubles.

    Maybe here in a couple years, when baby’s older, we can go and see them up close…

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